Angell M Cruiser E-Bike

With a more relaxed riding position and fully equipped, Cruiser is Angell’s most versatile bike. It’s fun in any situation, so focus on what you want to do and rely on it for the rest.

Angell M Cruiser E-Bike



Blinkers, brake lights, fall detector, you can ride with peace of mind. Angell Back Warranty: Convinced of its integrated anti-theft system, Angell will replace your bike in case of theft for 2 years.


The M Cruiser weighs only 18.6 kg with battery. A featherweight achieved thanks to its aluminium frame of only 2mm thickness.


Integrated kickstand, mudguards and rear back rag, Cruiser gives you the comfort you need for your commute, shopping and leisure.


Intuitive, Cruiser adapts to your riding habits at the touch of a pedal. With features at your fingertips from the cockpit, your ebike can be used with or without a phone.

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